iTRAIN™ Videos
Bicep and shoulder combination exercise are a great way to enhance the arms and shoulders. Learn how to get sexy shoulders by working the biceps with a body bar properly from a certified trainer in this workout video.
Sexy Shoulders: Biceps with Body Bar
Cardio Power Moves: Medicine Ball Rotation Swings
Core Movement: Isolations
Cardio Ball - Squat With A Twist
Cardio Ball - Squat With A Knee Lift
Shapely Legs: Plies
Core Movement: Crunches
Shapely Legs: Suppine Leg Extensions
Core Movement Crunch Variations 1
Core Training - Ab Lift W/ Ball
Strengthening The Upper Body - Frontal Raise
Shapely Legs: Gluteal Lifts Series 2b
Core Movement: Ab Twists With Weights