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Winter Holiday Workout Imagery
Winter Holiday Workout

Too many holiday parties to attend? A lot of cooking to do for the whole family? iTRAIN special holiday routine can keep you on track and help you avoid gaining those extra pounds many people do during the holidays! Our celebrity trainers put together a unique package of 7 workouts to rotate during the week. Workouts are short to give you the time to attend your numerous holiday events and effective to make you feel fabulous! It includes a nice mix of cardio, core and stretching exercises. Get it today. We know you will see results! More than 5 hours of AUDIO personal training one-on-one, unlimited use!
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  • Winter Holiday Workout 
  • Winter Holiday Workout 
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Please note that Monthly Motivator plan gives 50% discount on the albums and that you can access them for free under the Unlimited Resolutions Package. The albums are heavily discounted and may contain workouts that you own already, they are sold as a bundle and individual workouts cannot be refunded.