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Supermodel Body Makeover

Do you flip through fashion magazines and T.V. channels wishing you could get a supermodel body? Well, iTRAIN has good news! You can get a slim, toned, jiggle-free body with our Supermodel Body Makeover Package. Our cardio sculpting and deep muscle conditioning routines will help you get long, lean and toned. Did we mention our boot camp workout? This will get your body working up a sweat with cardio and mixed body weight exercises. You will lose body fat and tone at the same time! Supermodels, and you of course, need some time to relax, de-stress from a hectic schedule, and stretch out any kinks or tension held in the muscles. iTRAIN's stretch routines will lengthen and relax your body leaving you energized and runway ready! Our celebrity trainers know what it takes to get the body you always wanted. Start practicing your model poses and join us today! Try it. We know you will see results! More than 5 hours of AUDIO personal training 1on1, unlimited use!
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  • Supermodel Body Makeover 
  • Supermodel Body Makeover 
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