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Summer Body Makeover

Prepare your body for the beach and get your best bikini body yet, or your best speedo body! No more hiding underneath your towel. It's time to take it off and show that summer body! Oh yes...and that teeny-tiny bikini! We mix up your cardio training with cycling, jogging, and running incorporated with intervals and hills to get those legs working. After some intense cardio training, we add a full body burn session that will help you sculpt and tone your abs, outer thighs, and whole body. Ladies, that hot sun and warm sand is calling your name. Guys, that six-pack is calling you! Join our Summer Body Makeover and show off that beach body! Try it. We know you will see results! More than 5 hours of AUDIO personal training 1on1, unlimited use!
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  • Summer Body Makeover 
  • Summer Body Makeover 
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