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In The Bedroom Body Makeover

If going to the gym seems like a lot of effort or kids are a permanent distraction from keeping fit, then take some time out for you and work out in the bedroom! Whether at home or in a hotel, our new package gives you everything you need for a fast and easy workout in the safe retreat of your own sleep chamber. No need for fancy workout gear or dragging a gym bag to work, just roll out of bed into your earphones and start your day the right way! Maximize your muscle work with body weight and superset exercises. You can even get your cardio in without stepping foot outside with our challenging, calorie burning boxing routine. Don't forget to stretch with our stretch circuit. Perfect after any cardio or sculpt exercise, or just after a long day. Stay in shape and build a hot body. How do you think all the celebrities with kids do it? Set aside some time and get it done today! Try it. We know you will see results! Almost 5 hours of AUDIO personal training 1on1, unlimited use!
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  • In The Bedroom Body Makeover 
  • In The Bedroom Body Makeover 
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