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Fitness Webinar Video Podcasts
Webinar Podcast Videos

Our experts will tell you how to workout around a particular theme. You are presented 30 minutes of Do's and Don'ts with different angles. Then guests ask our experts live any question for 10 to 15 minutes. You will enjoy this fun, easy, challenging, progressive unique combination of top notch trainer's views! The format is a video that you can download.

  Title/Set Time Level Price Status  
  30-min to a sexier you! NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Workout on the beach! NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Work that back! NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Peel off the pounds NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Tight abs, tight butt and tight th... NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Barbecue season: sizzle your worko... NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Fitness: Fun Is The Name Of The Game NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Sexy arms, sexy shoulders NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Traveling... Get fit anywhere! NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Learn The Benefits Of A Regular Yo... NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Avoid letting the holiday derail y... NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Why you need to do interval training! NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Busy mom workouts! NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Prepare your body for the bikini s... NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  Shape up your legs! NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00
  iTRAIN Body Makeover From Head To Toe NEW! 30:00 All Levels $0.00


Good music and good training technique equals good motivation and a better workout. That’s why we utilize the expertise of our celebrity trainers! They guide you through a variety of exercise routines that will challenge both beginners and experienced individuals. Just download the fitness video podcast onto your MP3 player and float away towards better health!



We offer three different purchase options. With the Unlimited Resolutions plan you have access to 12 months of unlimited workouts! The Monthly Motivator workout package allows you to realize your fitness goals with three MP3 programs of your choice per month. Download your workout routines individually with the A La Carte program.


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