iTrain Purchase Options
Woman sitting with iPod, iTrain t-shirt, fitness workout
Unlimited Resolutions + 1 Wireless Waterproof Sony Mp3 Player Offered
($119.88 for a year)
Sony Mp3 Player + Unlimited access...

A one-time fee of $119.88 for the whole year: Unlimited audio & video personal-trainer workouts on demand, any time, anywhere, plus unlimited transfers to your compatible player or phone for a full year. Own the complete library (300+ downloads), and let iTRAIN provide you with the tools to stay in shape and stick to your long-term fitness goals. Receive the Sony mp3 player at no charge.

Gift certificates, All The Right Moves DVD items, Sony W Series mp3 players and other physical products are not included in this package beyond the first Sony mp3 player offered at the first checkout.
Monthly Motivator
(Buy 3, Get The 4th month FREE)
Only 3.75 per download!!

Realize your fitness goals with iTRAIN's Monthly Motivator package. Get 4 months of iTrain workouts for only $44.99. Download 3 workouts of your choice each month. This package combines great value with great results.

A credit expires after 12 months if not used. After 4 months, you will be placed on a recurring $15.99 charge unless you cancel with 30-day notice to
A La Carte
Averages $10.00 per download!!

Variety is the spice of life. This freedom method will give you access to iTRAIN's workouts at your leisure. Select the programs you like, whenever you like. Pay-per-download for the regular low price of a training session. Forget the $80 personal trainer option for your routine. Log in, browse, click, work out!

Fitness plan "Unlimited Resolutions + 1 Wireless Waterproof Sony Mp3 Player Offered " 12 months of iTRAIN workouts unlimited access   Fitness plan "Monthly Motivator" iTRAIN monthly workouts package   Fitness plan "A La Carte" Download your iTRAIN workouts individually