iTRAIN™ is the brainchild of co-founders Grace Lazenby, a fitness expert with 15 years in the Hollywood training industry, and Sebastian Reant, an entertainment industry executive who is the company’s technology and music guru. The idea for iTrain was hatched when Lazenby noticed the ubiquity of MP3 players and realized that the format provided an ideal way to bring her fitness and training expertise to large audiences. "MP3 players are everywhere and it seemed natural to apply this technology to a fitness product," explains Lazenby.

"I knew Grace had something when she suggested iTRAIN™," explains Reant. "It's a concept that takes a tool everyone knows and loves --the MP3 player-- and takes it to a new level of  functionality and relevance by adding trainer-designed workouts to the music experience.   iTrain has the potential to democratize personal training."

Co-founders Grace Lazenby and Sebastian Reant have achieved their vision with iTRAIN™ by uniting modern technology, entertainment, health and well-being in a single, portable medium.
Enjoy iTRAIN™, and let it be a part of your life.


Grace Lazenby


iTread, iStretch Combination, iSculpt
Grace Lazenby brings a compelling list of credentials and experiences that have lead her to creating her formula of training. Her highly acclaimed video series, All The Right Moves, has been a top seller on Amazon for several years. Grace has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She has a degree in Exercise Physiology and is certified through ACSM and The Physical Mind Institute.



iCycle, iClimb
"Group Exercise Instructor of the Year" Keith Irace has over fifteen years of experience in training and is considered an industry expert by his peers. As the group fitness manager at Equinox Fitness in West Hollywood, Keith oversees clients as they sweat their bodies into shape. Keith has been featured in numerous publications including Self, Shape, and the Los Angeles Times, and has made appearances in television commercials as well. His fitness philosophy is to use muscle instead of momentum to burn away fat.



iSculpt Traditional
Mimi Saraiva began her career as a competitive dancer and member of the Brazilian National Team of Gymnastics. With over six years of dance and fitness experience. Mimi moved to Los Angeles to pursue her education, and begin personal training and teaching Spinning classes to a high-profile clientele and top health clubs including SkySportSpa in Beverly Hills and Equinox in West Hollywood. Today Mimi holds NESTA, ISSA, EFTI and Kelly Roberts Cycling certifications, and has been featured on many television networks and shows including FitTV, Oxygen and Brovo's "Workout" series. Mimi speaks fluent Portuguese and values strength, discipline and persistence in her fitness regime. She maintains a strong determination to help others reach their fitness goals.



iStrength, iTeen Train
Boxing expert Nick Narvaez has been at the top of his game since he became a member of the US Air Force boxing team in 1986. Following his station in the military, Nick moved to Europe where he competed as a professional boxer and coached other boxers. He then moved to New York City and trained high-profile clients including the Trump Organization security and the NYC Police. Currently, Nick resides in Los Angeles where he works in some of LA’s top health clubs and fight-training facilities and has built a strong Hollywood following. While watching his students exceed their personal expectations and goals, Nick has gained a thorough understanding that there are no limits to what the mind and body can do.



With a BFA in Dance, Joseph Seeman is a native to flexibility and strength. This St. Louis native moved to Chicago to successfully pursue his career as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. After many years, Joseph relocated to Los Angeles where he discovered Pilates, Spinning and Anusara yoga. With a strong recognition among notable socialites and celebrities, Joseph balances his time between personal training and teaching classes throughout the Los Angeles area. After traveling the world and exploring many philosophies, Joseph has discovered that most people know only how to 'inhale' with their bodies and he strives to help individuals rediscover their 'exhale'.



Dancer, choreographer, and instructor Lisa Kellogg adds dynamic flair to her hip hop steps that have impressed the likes of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and other influencers in the dance scene. She has been in numerous music videos and commercials and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. When Lisa is not busy making appearances on movies and television shows, she is at dance studios around Los Angeles teaching Angelenos her funky fresh moves. Lisa’s jam packed classes are always fun, but count on breaking a sweat!



Once a competitive gymnast, Heath is now a respected yoga instructor with packed classes at Yoga Works and Sports Club LA. Heath began his yoga practice six years ago when he studied at New York's best yoga schools with world renowned instructors such as John Cassota and Jivamukti. As he furthered his studies and began teaching, he's been naturally gathering followers around him. The mind/body connection is what Heath loves about yoga and he feels that the goal of the practice is to learn about one's self. His devoted students can always count on a fun and challenging practice learning something new each time.